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According to the development plan Don Golf Resort complex is a grandiose country estate with the square of 500hectares, located not far from the southern capital of Russia – Rostov-on-Don city.
The complex is situated in Cossack village Starochercasskaya - one of the most picturesque and unique place - within 15 minute drive from the international Rostov-on-Don airport .

Nowadays Cossack village Starocherkasskaya, established in the 16th century, is a peculiar collection of historical, cultural and ethnographical monuments. In 2007 this original museum of the Don Cossacks history in the open air was visited by more than 100 000 tourists. And annually this number increases by 20%. The main distinctive feature of Don Golf Resort project is maintenance of the original landscapes and environment with its local colour.
Closeness to Rostov-on-Don - a large cultural and business centre of South Russia - and natural calm and beauty of Don landscapes create ideal conditions for relaxation and business.


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